Thursday, January 27, 2011

Injury and Illness Time Out

Sorry about the silence.

I had knee surgery, and then managed to come down with bronchitis.

These folks look just a little better than I feel.

Zombie Wedding

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yorick and the Girl

This is a serendipity image.

I shot this at a Strobist meetup, and the original image was terribly overexposed, thanks to another meetup participant who managed to synchronize his shot with mine. No big deal, them's the breaks when you've got a a bunch of folks with their own lighting set ups firing away in close proximity to each other. I used to have this happen shooting college basketball: every so often I'd manage to synchronize my shot with whoever was using the big strobes up in the ceiling. Talk about a bulletproof negative!

Anyway, I didn't delete the image because when I looked at it, I immediately thought - "that might make a cool high contrast black-and-white."

So I kept it around, and a couple of days, ago, finally got to working on it. I actually upped the exposure and contrast even more in Aperture, then took it into Silver Efex Pro for B&W conversion and toning.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Paper Mill at Sunset

Paper mill at Fernandina Beach, Florida

The paper mill at Fernandina Beach, Florida, belches forth fumes into the sunset sky.

I didn't expect what I considered to be a resort community to have such an impressive, and smelly, industrial plant so close in. I'm standing on the public city docks, and this is taken with an effective 160mm lens (100mm on a 1.6 crop body).

I made this image as the sun sank below the horizon, which allowed me to mix the natural light and the plant's lights. This final version is an High Dynamic Range (HDR) composite from 3 exposures. I find myself shooting extra exposures of wide contrast scenes now for potential HDR use later. It makes me feel as if I'm back in the film days, bracketing my slide film exposures on every shot to make sure I got that perfect balance and cover my ass in case the meter wasn't reading the scene right.