Sunday, March 30, 2014

2014 Convention Pricing for Cosplay Shoots

You put a ton of effort, love and artistry into your costumes - why settle for photos taken in a hurry in hallway? Book a commissioned photo shoot and get photos worthy of your characters.

New Customers: For 2014 conventions, commissioned shoots are $70 for an hour, $40 for a half hour, for 1-2 cosplayers. Extra cosplayers are $10/$5 each, depending on the length of the shoot. I prefer to work with groups of no more than six, but I'll make exceptions for well-organized groups. Extra time is available on 30 or 60 minute increments, at the same rates.

Returning Customers: if you have ever hired me for a commissioned shoot, you get a $10 discount on an hour shoot, a $5 discount on your half-hour shoot.

These prices are only good for cosplay photo sessions at conventions. You can book me outside of conventions for my normal shoot prices. Those shoots cost more, but you either get studio time or much better location options than you get at a convention.

Conventions I'll be at this year (now booking shoots for all of them):
  • Animazement (May 24-26)
  • ConTemporal (June 27-29)
  • ConGregate (July 11-13)
  • Dragon*Con (Aug 29-Sept 1)

For more examples of my work, check out my Cosplay Portfolio on Flickr and my Facebook page.


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